Circuit Training

Hey guys


I would like to share with you the training I had yesterday. Try to perform between 4 to 5 sets with reps of 15 or (between 30 to 45 seconds)

Workout breakdown

  • Burpees
  • Plie squats with each foot on bosu (with this one, the bosu will activate and tone your inner thigh muscles, glutes and quads for balance). For more challenge I add dumbbells or weights
  • Kettlebell swing
  • Front lunges (start with one leg then switch to the other). Don’t do it too fast make sure you do controlled movements with balance
  • Push ups

Now the workout is structured to boost your heart rate and drop it down a bit in the following exercise and so on. Between every round, make sure you rest between 30 to 60 seconds minimal. For those of you who like to take their training to the next level, active rest is very effective so I’d do jumping jacks for a minute or run or even sprint.

After finishing the circuit, we will do core or abs for about 10 min total. 2 exercises of your choice for 2 rounds followed by a plank for 45 to 60 seconds. Here’s what I recommend for abs

Bicycle kicks (reps 15-20)

Russian twists (reps 15-20)

Finished by plank

Let’s make sure we have the correct form and the right diet. Try it out and let me know your feedback and thoughts 🙂

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